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Build the Docker skills you need

Learn to build, ship and run highly scalable applications with Docker containers.

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Your Docker skills in one book

A code-along tutorial from zero to job-ready.

Designed for beginners
Start with the basics and move gradually.
Prepare for real-life projects
I teach this book as a one day classroom training for enterprise customers.
Every chapter is built on code-along examples.
Tips and tricks
Learn the build, ship and run cycle and best practices.
Examples, examples, examples
Node.js, Python, PHP, C, Golang, CI/CD pipeline and more.
Swarm and Kubernetes
Learn the basics of orchestration through examples.
300 pages, digital download
PDF, epub and mobi download with code files in zip.
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Built for a smooth learning experience.

Build with Docker Check
Learn what Docker is and what problems it solves in software development projects.
We install Docker on your machine and start building together.
We start the journey by running applications in Docker containers.
Learn to manage Docker containers.
Container practices that are crucial for Dockerized project work.
Dive into Docker images, and see how images define containers.
Learn to manage images.
Find and select the best Docker images for your projects online.
Create your custom Docker images with the Dockerfile.
Learn Dockerfile best practices.
I’ll show you my image building workflow.
Image building exercises; including shell scripts, Node.js, Python, PHP, C, Golang,and more.
Dive into multi-container applications.
Define, build and run applications with the Docker Compose tool.
Docker Networks.
Docker Volumes.
Build practices with Docker Compose.
A unique “build summary” chapter to outline of the build workflow.
Ship your applications Check
Learn how to ship your applications.
Ship your application’s Docker images to the Docker Hub.
Set up an automatic build workflow involving GitHub.
Set up your own Docker Registry.
Build a continuous integration example with Travis CI.
A unique ship summary chapter to outline the shipping workflow in Dockerized projects.
Run your applications Check
Learn how to run your high availability, scalable applications in production.
Set up and manage a Docker Swarm cluster.
Deploy your application stacks to the Swarm.
Scale and manage services in a Swarm.
A unique run summary chapter with an overview of typical run tasks in your projects.
End to end example where we dockerize a Flask application Check
Extend a Flask web application project to use Docker to build, ship and run the application.
Use Docker containers to generate the application code.
Use environment variables to drive various aspects of our project build.
Automate most project tasks.
Set up the Dockerized development environment.
Set up automated testing using Travis CI.
Set up the Dockerized production environment.
Deploy and run the web application on AWS in a Swarm cluster.
Deploy and run the web application in a Kubernetes cluster.