A Superb Free WordPress Theme Development Course On Youtube

Let me point you to a great tutorial on Youtube that will teach you basic Wordpress theme development through well explained examples, and will teach you the basics of web development at the same time.

This course is ideal for beginners and experienced programmers, who are new to Wordpress. The course, a Youtube playlist, was created by LearnWebCode and it shows you the steps you should take to create a Wordpress theme. It’s a very focused and concentrated material.

With the help of this course I was able to create the Wordpress theme of this website (the one you are reading now) in one afternoon.

Learning experience

We may have different reasons to start learning Wordpress theme development. When I started out with my online ventures I thought I’ll focus on the core functionality building my back-end, and use a more-or-less out of the box Wordpress site with a commercial theme as my customer front-end.

This idea worked out pretty well, we added the most features to our super smart back-end, and in the meanwhile we added some custom features to Wordpress in our own plugin.

During the plugin development I realized that working with Wordpress is an enjoyable, relatively straightforward and easy to learn.

Good news is that there is a way to do everything, and there are only a few ways to do every thing.

The second point is really important because it can really blow up your learning curve if there are too many choices to choose from and you’ll have to do a lot of research to understand which way is the best for your situation. It is of-course often worth the effort to learn such things, but Wordpress theme development does not fall into this category. At least not in my case.

Way to success

I think the course is very helpful for beginners and experienced programmers, too. Beginners will see every step on the screen so you can literally copy and mimic the same code at home. Most things are explained, the course does not make assumptions regarding your previous knowledge that would keep you away from success.

If you are an experienced programmer, but new to Wordpress, I think this is the course to take. It is focused on Wordpress specifics that you are looking for and will show you the practices used in Wordpress theme development. It’s not boring at all, and you won’t loose much time on things you already know.

If you like the style and pace of the course and feel you’d like to learn more about HTML and CSS you can take this Udemy course by the same person.

Web Design for Beginners: Real World Coding in HTML & CSS

Web Design for Beginners: Real World Coding in HTML & CSS by Brad Schiff

I took Brad’s Udemy course, too. I’m very thankful, because he helped me to clean the concepts around HTML grids and some practices in CSS and HTML. This course is payable, but there are often promotions, so it’s worth to have a look.

Another important resource that I used during my theme development is the below figure by Wordpress. It explains the Wordpress theme template hierarchy and it speeds up your design process a lot. wordpress theme template hierarchy


This course is a great free way to learn Wordpress theme development. If you wanna stay on the right track, the attached Udemy HTML and CSS course is well worth its price.

Wordpress is a great skill to start a web career or to start building your own web presence.

I wish you good luck, I hope you’ll like this course.

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